NLA Publishing creates books that tell stories by and about Australians. We explore the Library’s extensive collections to share Australia’s culture and history.

Working with leading writers, illustrators and designers, we produce award-winning non-fiction and children’s titles in the fields of history, art, photography, the environment and literature. We shine a light on the Library’s treasures, interpreting them to offer a greater understanding of our country and its many peoples.

NLA Publishing was established in 1971 to ‘share fully and effectively with scholars, students and the general reader the original manuscripts, fascinating pictorial records, rare books, literary, historical and social material in the Library’s collections’.

In 2023 and beyond, we are looking forward to bringing readers more new books – all connected to our vast collections.

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We are currently accepting new submissions for consideration, and are open to submissions from diverse authors. Please review our submission guidelines for submitting your proposal to ensure we’re the right fit for your book.

The National Library of Australia has implemented an Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property protocol. This protocol contains a set of guidelines aimed at acknowledging and protecting the rights that First Nations people have over their cultural and intellectual property, including their cultures, languages and histories. NLA Publishing is proud to implement this protocol with our publications.

Submissions that meet our submission guidelines can be emailed to Please note that the process of reviewing submissions can take some time. 

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NewSouth Books is the sole distributor for NLA Publishing. Please contact them directly to discuss stocking our titles.

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Rights and permissions

If you are a publisher interested in acquiring rights to our books, please email your request to

If you wish to reproduce any text extracts from a book published by NLA Publishing, you must request permission in advance, as the material is protected under copyright law. Please direct your request to

If you wish to reproduce an image from one of our books, please contact the National Library’s Copies Direct service.

Teachers' notes

All children's books published by the NLA are accompanied by comprehensive teachers' notes that draw out topics and themes in the books in ways that align with the Australian Curriculum across all relevant year levels.