You can find our annual reports, directions statements, our policy and planning documents here.  You can also read all about the highlights and significant events that have occurred in the Library during the year.

Annual Reports
Detail photograph of stained glass window with blue, purple, pink and yellow panes
Charter of Library's Audit Committee
West elevation, Lucknow University Library
Corporate Plans
A person works on a project in a room filled with specialist digital equipment
Digital Library Infrastructure Replacement (DLIR) Program
A view of the exterior of the National Library of Australia building with sun over the top half of the building and blue sky visible in the background
Employee Census Results
The National Library of Australia building.
Enterprise Agreement
Black and white photograph of a storage cabinet used to hold filing cards
Freedom of information
Tall bookshelves line the walls of a long corridor
Gifts and benefits register
Close-up view of a row of dark leather-bound volumes with gold embossing
Information Publication Scheme
A person wearing blue disposable gloves removes a fragile photography from its protective casing
Policy and Planning
A view of the exterior of the National Library of Australia. A double fountain water feature is visible in the foreground
Portfolio Budget Statements
Three vertical artworks hang above a large entranceway with views to desks and bookshelves
Privacy Impact Assessment Register
A view of the exterior of the National Library of Australia building. Green grass and red dirt is visible in the foreground.
Public Interest Disclosures
Multi-coloured projections light up the exterior of a building
Statements of expectations and intent