Two people sitting and reading books in the Petherick Reading Room

The Petherick Reading Room provides facilities, staff support and additional privileges for readers who are undertaking advanced research and require more intensive or ongoing access to the National Library’s collections than is offered through the Main Reading Room.

It is co-located within the Special Collections Reading Room on Level 1 of the Library.

Researchers may apply for Petherick Reader status if they intend to undertake advanced research or intensively use the Library’s collections onsite. Many Petherick Readers are, for example, writing a book or conducting other long-term or in-depth research, or undertaking shorter term research as a visiting scholar.

Applications for a Petherick Reader’s card should demonstrate both a proven record of research and a need to use a significant amount of material relevant to the Library’s collection strengths.

Successful applicants are issued with a Petherick Reader’s card for a time period that is appropriate to the expected duration of their research.

If you are undertaking advanced research or need to visit the Library to make long-term use of the Library’s collections you may apply for a Petherick Reader’s card.

Further information about Petherick registration and guidelines is available on the website. If you would like to know more consult the Petherick Guidelines or Ask A Librarian.


Monday to Thursday                        10am–8pm
Friday to Saturday                            10am–5pm
Sundays and public holidays           Closed
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