The APS Employee Census surveys all APS employees to track their perceptions about leadership, workplace conditions, culture and environment. The Census results assist with framing priorities and areas of focus for future Library workforce and workplace initiatives.

The Library has a proactive approach to Employee Census results, sharing them with all staff and actively consulting through a staff Consultative Committee. The Committee includes nominated staff representatives, union delegate representatives and the NLA Executive, and is chaired by the Library’s Director-General, Dr Marie-Louise Ayres.

The Library actively promotes participation in the Employee Census and in 2022, 81% of eligible staff participated in the Census, our highest participation rate yet to date

Insights from the 2022 Census

When compared to the 2021 Census results, the Library’s 2022 results for all six indexes improved.

Engagement Wellbeing Innovation Communication Leadership - SES Leadership - Supervisor
2021 72% 62% 64% 60% 60% 72%
2022 74%        66% 65% 65% 69% 76%

The following opinions were held by many respondents to the Library’s 2022 APS Census:

Things we are doing well
  • Adapting to change
  • Respecting, being inclusive of and supporting staff
  • Providing high-quality service to our clients and the promotion of our services
Things we have improved on from last year
  • Leadership (immediate supervisor, SES manager and cohort)
  • Cooperation, adaptability and using resources efficiently by workgroup
  • Recognition for doing a good job
  • Taking part in decisions that affect an individual’s job including how their work is done
Areas we could improve
  • Communication, including across the Library
  • Digital workplace
  • Decision-making and approvals at the right level
  • Consistent application of working from home arrangements
  • Documentation of workflows and practices including being able to find them at point of need
  • Role clarity – self and other

The Library’s Executive will continue to work with our Consultative Committee and staff to address the trends of significance from the 2022 Employee Census. We have already scheduled focused work on:

  • Improving our digital workplace
  • Updating our Disability and Inclusion Action Plan
  • Reviewing our health and wellbeing program