The Petherick Reading Room provides additional facilities and privileges for readers who are undertaking advanced research and require intensive access to the National Library’s rich and varied collections.

What does a Petherick Reader's Card offer?

In addition to normal Library services Petherick Readers enjoy the Petherick Reading Room facilities, expanded services, special communications and event invitations, letters of support from the Library and the opportunity to engage with the Petherick community of researchers.

What does the library expect from Petherick Reader's?

Petherick Readers enjoy ongoing support from the National Library and the Petherick community and in return are asked to inform the Library of any research outcomes resulting from their work in the Petherick Reading Room.

Petherick Readers can also expect to be:

  • invited to deliver a brief, informal presentation to the Petherick community on the subject of their research.

  • asked to acknowledge the support of the National Library, where appropriate, in publications resulting from their Petherick research.

  • invited to engage with the Petherick community, through events and facilitated introductions to researchers with similar interests.

As a courtesy to other readers and staff, Petherick Readers should respect that the Petherick and Special Collections Reading Rooms are quiet areas and:

  • must inform the Library as soon as possible if they change their name, address or contact details, or lose their Library card, or if they no longer need to use the Petherick Reading Room.

  • must use the facilities for their intended purpose, to conduct research which is supported by the National Library collections.

  • are responsible and accountable for the material issued to them in the Reading Room.

  • must not allow anyone else to use their Library card. Contact staff regarding requests for access for research assistants. We will need the name of your assistant, confirmation that they have their own Library card, and the duration for which you would like them to be your 'proxy'.

  • may be asked to provide advice and feedback regarding new services and resources.

  • must keep their working spaces and pigeonholes tidy to minimise the risk of damage to collection material.

Petherick registration is a privilege granted at the discretion of the National Library. The Library may cancel or suspend a reader's Petherick status and registration if the policies or guidelines are not met. 

All National Library readers must abide by the Library Regulations and follow the rules governing the use of Reading Rooms, facilities and collection material. All readers are expected to abide by the conditions of the Library’s Code of Conduct for Readers and Visitors and the Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technology policy.