You may request an appointment of up to one hour with a librarian or curator if you require personalised professional guidance about

  • resources in the Library’s collection that are relevant to your research, or
  • research strategies and methodologies suitable for your specific research.

The Book a Librarian appointment may be requested

  • by phoning our Ask a Librarian number (02) 6262 1266
  • online
  • in our reading rooms.

After your initial contact, an experienced librarian or curator will:

  • contact you within a week to clarify your requirements and to set up a time for the consultation
  • give you the choice of a telephone consultation or a consultation in the Library
  • spend up to one hour preparing for the consultation
  • spend up to an hour with you in consultation.

Before you request an appointment, please note

  • the Book a Librarian service is primarily for registered Library users
  • non-registered readers may request an appointment if intending to use our unique collections
  • students will generally be referred to their educational institutions

The following assistance is outside the scope of the Book a Librarian service: