The Library builds our national collection through legal deposit, donations, gifts and purchasing items. We are grateful for your help in building a rich collection that tells the stories of all Australians.

Learn more about how to donate collection material to the Library and what we're looking for. For gifts through the Cultural Gifts Program, please consult our webpage before making your offer.

What we collect
Stained glass in purple, green, pink, orange, red and yellow chunks

We collect today what will be important tomorrow

Current collecting priorities
Five people sit cross legged on the floor around a small cooking basin on legs. One white woman sits in the middle, with two Fijian men in traditional dress on the left and two white men on the right.

We want to gather the experiences of all Australians

Legal deposit

Legal deposit makes up the core of our collection

Australian Web Archive
Screenshot from the Sydney 2000 Olympics official website featuring a black and white image of a Paralympic athlete.

We capture online material to help preserve our national stories

Offer us collection material

Offers of published and original material enhance our collections

Donation FAQs
A cart with wheels holds a number of files.

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