Please note that the National Library of Australia no longer provides publishers with a CiP entry to print in their publications. See Changes to the CiP service for more information on how we have modernised this service.

The Prepublication Data Service (formerly Cataloguing in Publication) is a free service offered by the National Library of Australia.

This service is for Australian publishers and self-publishing authors who want the details of their upcoming publications made available to Australian libraries, library suppliers, and other members of the book industry for acquisition purposes.

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If you are not sure if your publication is eligible for the Prepublication Data Service, please see our eligibility criteria, or you can contact us.

User Guide and FAQs

Please note:

The National Library of Australia is streamlining the Pre-publication Data Service (PDS) and National edeposit (NED) system to provide a more efficient experience for publishers of digital publications.

From March 2022, if you deposit in NED, metadata entered into the PDS form will be re-used and pre-fill data when you deposit a monograph in electronic format in NED.

Take note of your reference number (NLAppxxxx) contained in your confirmation email after submitting your online PDS application, as this is needed if you also deposit via NED.

You will be prompted to enter your reference number with the question: "Is your ePublication registered with the Prepublication Data Service?" on the NED "ePublication details" page.

This will prepopulate the data you entered on your PDS form. Pre-populated data can still be edited in the NED deposit form.

Not all PDS users currently deposit in NED, information about depositing your material in electronic format can be found on the NED webpage.

The user guide contains useful information about the Prepublication Data Service and the application process.

Or you can check our FAQs for commonly asked questions.


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