Finding the history of your house

Earlier this year I purchased my first Canberra house, and can understand the curiosity people have about the history of their homes. The Ask a Librarian team often receives questions from people interested in this topic, and my own experience has undeniably made these types of question very interesting to me:

I would like to find out when my house was built and what kind of name I can use for it.

I just want to know when it was built and how old it is. 

Alexander's roup | ‎raʊp (Scottish)

Having established a clear link between the City of Aberdeen and a London bookseller, sometime hosier and dealer in articles of natural history last year, the life of Alexander Shaw has continued to cause me to itch.

And so while in Scotland recently I was delighted to come face-to-face with records relating to Alexander Shaw's business dealings, his estate and the Alexander Shaw Hospital.


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