A Changing Capital

As we celebrate Canberra Day 2018, it is timely to reflect on the city fifty years ago. A story about Canberra is included in the Library’s new exhibition 1968: Changing Times. While researching for the display I was amazed to discover the scale of development the nation’s capital experienced in the 1960s. A tourist map of the city provides a snapshot of the urban sprawl of Canberra in 1968; compared with today, it had a much smaller footprint. The Library’s collections include important material, such as this map, which is featured in the exhibition.

To Be Continued

Literary historian Katherine Bode describes how she and bibliographer Carol Hetherington used Trove to create a database of over 21,000 novels, novellas and short stories published in early Australian newspapers. This database enables anyone to read, explore, correct, add and export the fiction early Australians read and wrote. Its records are also harvested and represented in Trove’s catalogue.

The perfect Trove record - Part 1

Calling collection managers, repository owners and organisations with collection data online! Do you know what data you need to provide to share collections in Trove? Would you like to optimise collection data for use and discovery in Trove?

In this two-part blog, we walk you through building the perfect Trove record and help you understand how Trove works with your data.


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