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Mark Strizic (1928-), Searching for books at the State Library of Victoria, January 1967  1967, nla.obj-140508667

To find an out of print book you can start by getting in contact with a second hand/antiquarian bookseller. One way to do this would be to search the yellow pages for your area. Yellow pages can also be searched online.

A list of booksellers and their contact details can be found from the Australian and New Zealand Association of Antiquarian Booksellers (ANZAAB).

There are also online bookshops and book search databases which may be helpful. Some of these are listed in our eResources portal. Navigate to the Browse eResources tab and under the category Libraries, Archives & Museums there is a sub category called Book Trade.

Biblioquest International (via BibliOZ) have an online search form which you can fill out to request an extensive search for an out of print book.

Some other online out of print booksellers are: AbebooksADDALL, Alibris and BookFinder4u.

You may also be interested in our FAQ: Can you give me information on rare books?

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