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Some records appear in our catalogue have the word ‘various’ in the call number field, and the ‘Select’ button at the bottom of the record does not appear.

These are works in a series, meaning each individual issue has its own catalogue record and call number.

If you know the title of the individual issue that you need, you can simply conduct a search for that title in the catalogue to locate it. Request the individual issue in from its catalogue record.

If you would like to browse the titles in a series, you can find the individual titles using this method:

  1. Note the title of the series. This is usually at the top of the catalogue record as the title, for example: Australian Heritage Commission bibliography series and The Institute of Criminology monograph series.
  2. Start a new Catalogue search and search for the full series title. Put the title into quotation marks to limit your results to records related to the full title.
  3. When the results have generated, look to the ‘Limit Your Results’ options at the right-hand side, and scroll down to the ‘Series’ option.
  4. You may see more than one series with a similar name. Click on the one that best matches your search to see the individual titles in that specific series.
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