A family at Manly beach, New South Wales, 1923 / Noel Minchin

There are several resources and organisations which might help you to locate friends or relatives.

Please note the Library is unable to undertake searches for missing persons. Please contact the police in the event that a person is missing.

Resources for conducting your own search

Australian Electoral Rolls
An Australia wide electronic version of the current Australian Electoral Roll is available for viewing at AEC Offices in each State or Territory. The Library holds Australian electoral rolls up to 2008 on microfiche, and up to 2009 in hardcopy format. Please refer to the Library's research guide on Australian electoral rolls for more information about this collection, and what research we can undertake on your behalf.

White Pages
The White Pages is a freely searchable online telephone directory. Search under Government and Business or Residential. Information found on the White Pages (which usually only gives a first initial and full surname) can be cross referenced with information found on electoral rolls.

Oz Reunion
Oz Reunion's goal is to reunite Australian family and friends. For a fee you can submit a post on their website with the details of family or friends you are hoping to make contact with. Oz Reunion do not conduct any searches for missing persons or lost family or friends on your behalf, and their website does rely on the person (or somebody who knows them/of them) being made aware of your post.

Social Media
You might also be able to locate friends or relatives through social media such as Facebook - either directly or through a local community page if you know the town, city or area in which they live.

Ryerson Index
The Ryerson Index is a free index of death notices (including funeral notices, obituaries and probate notices) that were listed in Australian newspapers and, as of 2020, listed in online sources.

Organisations that can assist

Australian Red Cross
The Australian Red Cross provides a free tracing service to help with finding relatives missing through wars, internal conflict, migration and/or natural disasters. The Australian Red Cross is part of the global Restoring Family Links network. Red Cross however cannot accept requests relating to genealogical research or legal matters relating to Will's or Child Custody. 

Find & Connect
Find & Connect website provides information about records relating to children who were placed in "out of home" care such as Australian orphanages, Children's Homes and other institutions.

Link-Up Services (For Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples)
Link-Up assists Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people who have been affected by Government policies which have resulted in separation of family. Link-Up services are geographically based however please be aware that ACT and Tasmania do not have Link-Up services. 

National Missing Persons Coordination Centre
The NMPCC's mission is to coordinate and promote a national integrated approach to reduce the incidence and impact of missing persons. Fully funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Federal Police, NMPCC provides support and advice to families of missing relatives.  

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