Group of men standing on a metal dirgle during the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Herbert H. Fishwick (1882-1957) & Fairfax Corporation, Men standing on a metal girdle during the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney  1926, nla.obj-163013442


Under the Australian system of government, the States and Territories have responsibility for making laws about workplace health and safety and for enforcing those laws. Each State and Territory has a principal WHS Act.

Some websites you might find useful include:

  • Safe Work Australia provides a national forum for State and Territory governments, employers, and employees to consult and participate in WHS policy. It includes links to State and Territory WHS legislation and authorities.
  • Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) contains most Australian legislation.
  • ComLaw is where you can find Federal legislation. It is maintained by the Attorney-General's Department.

Useful print resources include:

If you are unable to visit the Library, Trove can help you find items at libraries near you.