The Director-General of the National Library of Australia requests the legal deposit of published online material in accordance with s.195CC of the Copyright Act 1968. This notice is published in support of automated requests made by web harvesting software.

Dr Marie-Louise Ayres
National Library of Australia 

Legal deposit and web harvesting

Under the legal deposit provisions in the Act, the National Library requests the delivery of online material through the process known as web crawling or web harvesting. This process uses harvesting robots to initiate requests to the web servers delivering online content using the HTTP protocol ‘Get’ request process.

When your web server returns the requested files to the Library’s requesting user agent (the robot harvester), you have complied with the requirements under the Act.

The National Library’s user-agent includes a text string identifying itself and provides direction to this notification page.

You may be contacted by us again if there are any problems delivering the files as this will mean compliance with the Act has not been met. These could include the presence of the robots.txt disallow protocol, login protocols, technological restrictions or any other barriers to harvesting,

Please see legal deposit and FAQs for more information.