A colourful illustration of a person, an ice-cream cone and a fish with legs in a top hat.
A section of the cover of 'Phonobet'

Phonobet by Kathy Weeden and Kim Drane

‘I’m sure you’ve met the Alphabet, our very tidy friend,

with A at the beginning, and Z right at the end.

Now come and meet the Phonobet, a very handy twin:

a set of all the sounds you use when waggling your chin.’

Phonobet is a fun literacy teaching tool from National Library of Australia Publishing, that takes an onomatopoeic romp through the sounds of Australian English. The clever rhyming text helps readers understand sounds and reading – and it’s full of buzzing bees, whirring robots, grunting monkeys and more!

Aligning with primary-school literacy programs, this book can be used by educators and read aloud by parents of 4- to 6-year-olds alike. Kim Drane’s bold, colourful and fun-filled illustrations pop on the page.

The author, Kathy Weeden, has extensive classroom experience as a music and learning support teacher, and has provided additional learning resources at the end of the book. These include fun activities and a brief, accessible explanation of the phonemes of Australian English aimed at teachers and parents.

Phonobet will be released in June 2023.

About the author 

Kathy Weeden is a Canberra-based music and learning support teacher, with experience in classrooms from K to 12.

About the illustrator 

Kim Drane is a 2D animator and illustrator based in Melbourne. Her designs are bright, colourful and full of happiness.

Additional Information 

The cover of the book 'Phonobet'. It shows lots of geometric illustrations on a green background and includes the text 'Phonobet. Kathy Weeden & Kim Drane'.

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