Old newspapers form the background, with bright red letters reading 'Bold Types' on top.
The Bold Types Podcast

The voices of Australia’s gutsy women journalists are being brought to life in a new season of the National Library of Australia’s podcast, Bookmark This.  

Inspired by the NLA Publishing book, Bold Types, the book by Dr Patricia Clarke that told the stories of women journalists working in Australia between 1860 to the end of World War II. Bold Types the podcast is hosted by Amy Remeikis who is joined by Dr Clarke and a stellar line-up of contemporary female journalists reflecting both their experiences and those of their forebears.  

Each episode in the six-part season will feature discussion between Remeikis and Clarke, readings of the work and words of selected historical women journalists, and interviews with female journalists of today. 

Podcast release schedule

Date Title Talent
T 19 April 2023 Introducing Bold Types 

Host Amy Remeikis chats with historian and Bold Types author Dr Patricia Clarke for a preview of what to expect across the season’s six episodes.  

1 3 May 2023 Wild New Frontiers 

Trailblazer: Edith Dickenson  

Guest: Patricia Karvelas 

2 10 May 2023 Fashion, Frills & Frivolities 

Trailblazers: Stella Allan, Jennie Scott Griffiths 

Guest: Mia Freedman  

3 17 May 2023 Rewriting the Rules 

Trailblazers: Frances Taylor, Jessie (Tasma) Couvreur 

Guests: Zara Seidler and Suzanne Dredge 

4 24 May 2023 Eyewitnesses to History 

Trailblazers: Anna Blackwell, Janet Mitchell 

Guests: Avani Dias and Sophie McNeill 

5 31 May 2023 To Put Up or Shut Up 

Trailblazers: Jennie Scott Griffiths, Flora Shaw, Alice Henry 

Guests: Zoe Daniel and Nas Campanella 

6 7 June 2023 It’s A Man’s Man’s World 

Trailblazers: Flora Shaw, Jessie (Tasma) Couvreur 

Guest: Ita Buttrose 

The trailer of Bold Types – the second season of the National Library’s podcast, Bookmark This – will drop on Wednesday 19 April. Available on the National Library's channel, Apple Podcasts and Spotify apps, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

Additional Information  

Interviews with host Amy Remeikis, political reporter at Guardian Australia, are available on request.  

Images for media use are available for download via Dropbox

Extracts from the book are available on request.  

About Bold Types the book: https://www.nla.gov.au/news-and-media/media-releases/2022/nla-publishing-new-book-history-australias-women-journalists  

Find Bold Types in Trove: https://trove.nla.gov.au/collection/bold-types/newspapers 


Cathie Oats, Media Liaison, National Library of Australia

M: 0401 226 697

E: media@nla.gov.au