The National Library of Australia collects one of every book published in Australia.

Think about it.

One of EVERY book… including the sexy ones.

With a current monthly release of over 80 print books, and more in ebook format, Harlequin Mills & Boon lead the way in romance publishing output, comprising a significant part of the National Library’s collection. We currently hold more than 12,800 Mills & Boon books across approximately 350 metres of shelving!

Mills & Boon stack

Just the tip of the Mills & Boon print collection!

Because our collection is so well endowed with Mills & Boon romantic treasure, and as I’m a voracious reader, I set myself a year-long challenge to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the National Library’s building (2018) by choosing one Mills & Boon book to read from every year since the Library opened its doors in 1968. (My full list is at the end of this post)

Attitudes towards premarital sex, women in the workplace, divorce, single mothers, interracial relationships, sexual orientation, and gender identity have all changed significantly over the past fifty years, so I was curious to see if and how these changes are reflected in Mills & Boon romance.

I was also interested to see how Mills & Boon books themselves change over time, including the introduction of ebooks, as well as the front cover design, which reflect the fashions and tastes of the day, and which can play an important role in grabbing readers’ attention.

Carpentaria Moon 1987

Carpentaria Moon (1987)


  • I am not an academic, so if you want to read detailed scholarly analysis of romance writing, there’s probably something more appropriate in our catalogue
  • My list is by no means a comprehensive representation of Mills & Boon titles, as I frequently targeted Mills & Boon that are set in Australia, have amusing titles, or that feature librarians!

In 2016 the National Library launched our edeposit service, allowing publishers to deposit their ebooks for legal deposit.

At the forefront of electronic publishing, Harlequin Mills & Boon (a division of HarperCollins Publishers) were keen to deposit ebooks. Readers can now come into the reading rooms of the National Library and use our computers to read about billionaires (millionaires are passé), princesses, sheikhs, virgins, playboys, vixens, single mothers, librarians and more all getting their romance on, with a happy ending guaranteed.

To read on, click on the attached document. Be warned, it’s not all love and romance…

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The list

1968: A house called Kangaroo / Gladys Fullbrook:

1969: One string for Nurse Bow / Joyce Dingwell:

1970: Big man at Katta Wirri / Anne Vinton:

1971: Kookaburra Dawn / Amanda Doyle:

1972: Copper moon / Margaret Way:

1973: The post at Gundooee / Amanda Doyle:

1974: Apple Island / Gladys Fullbrook:

1975: The black opal / Elizabeth Hoy:

1976: Dreamtime at Big Sky / Dorothy Cork:

1977: Outback rainbow / Dorothy Cork:

1978: The wool king / Kerry Allyne:

1979: Boomerang bride / Margaret Pargeter:

1980: Master of Uluru / Helen Bianchin:

1981: Nurse at sea / Judith Worthy:

1982: Tropical knight / Lynsey Stevens:

1983: Man from the Kimberleys / Margaret Pargeter:

1984: Tropical Eden / Kerry Allyne:

1985: Don’t play games / Emma Darcy:

1986: Flying doctor / Lilian Darcy:

1987: Carpentaria moon / Kerry Allyne:

1988: Snowy River man / Valerie Parv:

1989: Arafura pirate / Victoria Gordon:

1990: Surgeon rivals / Margaret Barker:

1991: Dragon lady / Stella Whitelaw:

1992: Torrid conflict / Angela Wells:

1993: A very stylish affair / Emma Darcy:

1994: Heart-throb for hire / Miranda Lee:

1995: Cats in the belfry / Patricia Knoll:

1996: The trophy husband / Lynne Graham:

1997: A nanny named Nick / Miranda Lee:

1998: Gentlemen prefer... brunettes : blondes aren’t necessarily more fun / Liz Fielding:

1999: Fruitcakes and other leftovers / Lori Copeland:

2000: The bride wore gym shoes / Jacqueline Diamond:

2001: Uninhibited / Candace Schuler:

2002: The librarian’s secret wish / Carol Grace:

2003: The librarian’s passionate knight / Cindy Gerard:

2004: Bushfire bride / Marion Lennox:

2005: Crisis at Katoomba Hospital / Lucy Clark:

2006: Expecting Thunder's baby / Sheri Whitefeather:

2007: Overexposed / Leslie Kelly:

2008: Winning the single mum's heart / Lynda Goodnight:

2009: The sheikh’s virgin stable-girl / Sharon Kendrick :

2010: What the librarian did / Karina Bliss:

2011: The librarian’s secret scandal / Jennifer Morey:

2012: Cracking the dating code / Kelly Hunter:

2013: A father for her triplets / Susan Meier:

2014: Secrets of a Bollywood marriage / Susanna Carr:

2015: Rock solid / Samantha Hunter:

2016: Matchmaker wore skates / Cari Lynn Webb:

2017: The Sicilian's defiant virgin / Susan Stephens:

2018: My royal hook-up / Riley Pine: