The National Library has a range of Asian Study Grants available to the next generation of Australian scholars.

Yahia was a recipient of one of the National Library’s Asian Study Grants in 2023. During his time at the Library, Yahia’s research examined the Chinese ‘homosexual’ men’s lived experience as represented in the Australian-Chinese language newspapers, magazines, and digital media.

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Why did you want to research at the National Library? 

The National Library is the place where I could find all the materials that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Australia, the collection includes many Chinese-language materials especially newspapers and magazines. The Library also holds theoretical books in relation to queer sexuality and queer China, one of the research topics I’m interested in. In particular, I’m interested in Chinese (as broadly defined) queer identities and voices.

For this project, I’ve been reviewing a wide range of media texts, including news coverage and feature stories in Chinese language newspapers and print magazines. The scope of this project was widened to also include representation of LGBT+ in digital media as there are more materials available on Chinese homosexual men, women and other alternative individual’s lived experience in Australia.

What do you hope people learn from your project? What did you want to share from your research?

Through my research, I’m hoping to amplify the voices of the Chinese homosexual individuals whose voice has been somewhat silenced, marginalised or minoritized in Australia. I also wish to deepen our understanding of the Chinese identity and non-normative sexualities and genders, including homosexuality.

I was honoured to share some of the preliminary findings from my research at the Chinese Queer Voices Forum hosted by Western Sydney University and The University of Sydney in March 2023.

How did your time at the National Library help you to advance your research?

My time at the National Library was very productive. I can see what this project would be in the future. There are sufficient materials for me to potentially develop this project into a journal article.

There are many materials to support your research in the field of Asian Studies and the staff are very supportive.

The Asian Study Grants program offers researchers and PhD students the opportunity to engage with the Library’s Asian language and Asia-related collections.

These grants offer a four-week period of intensive research, where scholars have special and supported access to the Library’s materials, facilities and staff. Recipients will also receive an honorarium of $5,000 for use as a stipend, travel and accommodation support.

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