A light teal tones background with a greyscale wagon with a large wheel with 5 dogs sitting in the back. Words at the top read: 'Australia's Dogs
by Katherine Kovacic

Australians love dogs – big dogs, little dogs, fluffy couch potatoes and hardy working dogs. In fact, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world. Australia’s Dogs is a celebration of the dog in Australian life, exploring the human-canine bond, and reflecting on the crucial role played by dogs in our life and work.

Embark on an outback adventure with Francis Birtles and his various faithful canine companions. Discover the incredible endurance of Mawson’s huskies in frozen Antarctica. Learn more about Australia’s home-grown dog breeds that played a central role in the development of pastoral industries, as well as the iconic dingo and its place in Indigenous life, as well as the Australian ecosystem, today.

Australia’s Dogs is generously illustrated with images drawn from the rich collections of the National Library of Australia. Some simply capture a photographer’s love for their own dog, while others tell epic tales of survival in harsh conditions, comment on an element of social history or record a significant moment. As the incredible variety of images shows, the story of dogs in Australia is a subject that is historically significant, with a broad and enduring appeal.

About the author

Katherine Kovacic was a veterinarian but preferred training and having fun with dogs to taking their temperatures. She seized the chance to return to study and earned an MA, followed by a PhD in Art History. Her first book, The Portrait of Molly Dean, was shortlisted for a Ned Kelly Award for best first fiction.

Katherine spends her spare time writing, dancing and teaching other people’s dogs to ride skateboards

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