Book cover of Fair Dinkum by H.G. Nelson
by H.G. Nelson

Australian slang unites the true blue and the dinky-di and separates the cheeky little possums from the happy little Vegemites. In this attractive new pictorial guide, readers will learn to distinguish their drongos from their dropkicks and discover where our unique vernacular comes from.

Discover the connection between bludgers and pimps, drongos and a winless horse. Aussie slang tells us much about our history; in this book are words that  have evolved from Indigenous languages, the dialects of the British Isles and the names, catchphrases and peccadillos of Australian celebrities. 

Alongside the fascinating etymological information are striking images from the National Library’s vast Pictures Collection – used to great humorous effect in illustrating the slang words and phrases – and commentaries by H.G. Nelson, the man who, together with Rampaging Roy Slaven, brought the world the ‘battered sav’, the ‘hullo boys’ and the ‘spinning date’, all gymnastics moves that need little further explanation. A mix of traditional and modern slang, in a fresh design, this guide will educate and entertain readers, and tickle their funny bones.

About the author

H.G. Nelson and colleague Roy Slaven presented This Sporting Life on Triple J for 22 years. Every weekend, this dynamic duo – who could score from anywhere on the paddock – blasted their way through the big issues of sport. H.G. Nelson is a man who is dedicated to balls and the pursuit thereof. He would be mortified if he was unable to take his place in an Ashes-bound first eleven or run on in a Grannie due to a lack of fitness. 

Along the way, as time and his strict training regime have permitted, H.G. Nelson has put on the guernsey for other television projects, including The Project, It’s a Knockout, Club Buggery, The Channel Nine Show, The Monday Dump, Roy & HG’s Spring Carnival, The Cream and The Memphis Trousers.

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