A green background with bright, child-like illustrations of a girl holding up two signs. The sign, in colourful text, together read 'Phonobet'. Other illustrations like a rainbow, car and snail, surround the girl.
by Kathy Weeden, illustrated by Kim Drane

Come and meet the Phonobet, old Alpha Betty’s twin,

The set of all the sounds you use when waggling your chin.

Phonobet is a modern-day, Australian answer to Dr Seuss’s ABC. This very clever rhyming text takes an onomatopoeic romp through the 44 phonemes of Australian (and British) English, comparing sounds to trees, bees, trains, robots, monkeys, pirates and more. The text aligns with primary-school phonics programs and could be used by educators in this field, but is equally successful as a fun read-aloud book for parents of 4- to 6-year-olds.

Children will enjoy Kim Drane’s bold, colourful and fun-filled illustrations, which pop on the page.

About the author 

Kathy Weeden is a Canberra-based music and learning support teacher, with experience in classrooms from K to 12.

About the illustrator 

Kim Drane is a 2D animator and illustrator based in Melbourne. Her designs are bright, colourful and full of happiness.

Teachers' notes

Read it with Kathy Weeden