Stephanie Owen Reeder

Do you know how the Coober Pedy opal fields were discovered? In December 1914, when Australia was suffering from the worst drought in recorded history, Will Hutchison, his dad, two other explorers and six camels headed out into outback South Australia in search of gold. Will was only 15, and he'd never ridden a camel or been in a desert before. Not surprisingly, both gold and water proved difficult for the expeditioners to find. Finally, in a desperate search for drinking water, the men left Will alone at their remote campsite. While they were away, fed up with babysitting camels and fighting off flies, Will made the dangerous decision to head out into the desert by himself in search of water. Against the odds, this plucky teenager not only survived the experience but also made a truly remarkable discovery. This is the true story of Will Hutchison, treasure hunter extraordinaire.

Ages 6+

Teachers' notes