Congratulations to the 10 recipients of the 2022 National Library of Australia Fellowships. 

Drawing on the Library’s extensive collections to inform their projects, the 2022 Fellows will use the National Library’s unique collections to conduct research into subjects including Australian theatre, Indigenous studies, popular magazines, social history and various international themes. 


Supported by the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust for Research in Australian Literature 

Professor Julian Meyrick, Professor of Creative Arts, Griffith University  

  • Australian theatre artists of the 1930s & 1940s: Investigating the “Ribush Circle” 

Supported by the Stokes family 

Professor Paul Turnbull, Emeritus Professor, University of Tasmania  

  • Living with the Dead: Cross-Cultural Encounters with Death and Burial in Colonial Australia, 1820-1920

Ms Madelyn Shaw, independent scholar based in the USA

  • Fabric of War: A Hidden History of the Global Wool Trade

Dr Susan Hemer, Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide  

  • “Women and Children Last”: the establishment of maternal child health services in Papua New Guinea 

Supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust for Japan Studies 

Dr Gwyn McClelland, Lecturer in Japanese, University of New England  

  • Trauma and World Heritage on the Gotō Islands: 1856-1899 

Dr Ryan Johnson, Tutor, University of Sydney  

  • Triangulating French, Japanese, and Russian Literatures in Twentieth-Century Japan 

Supported by past and present members of the National Library Council and Patrons 

Associate Prof Alison Holland, Academic, Macquarie University 

  • The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission: Toward a History 

Offered by the Library 

Dr Kate Warren, Lecturer, Art History and Curatorship, Australian National University  

  • The role of popular magazines in Australian art history and arts communications 

Professor Sue Green, Professor Indigenous Australian Studies, Charles Sturt University  

  • Reverting the Gaze 

Dr Annie McCarthy, Assistant Professor Global Studies, University of Canberra  

  • Writers, Poets, Artists and Performers: A New History of Children’s Participation in International Development 

Thank you 

The Library would like to acknowledge the donors who continue to support the Fellowships program, including the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust, the Stokes family, Harold S. Williams Trust for Japan Studies, and past and present members of the National Library Council and Patrons. Three Honorary Fellowships were also awarded by the Library this year.  

On behalf of donors and the Fellowships Advisory Committee, the Library thanks all applicants for the 2022 NLA Fellowship program. Applicants demonstrated significant understanding of the Library’s collections across a wide range of innovative projects, and unsuccessful applicants are encouraged to apply again for the next program. 


Funded through generous philanthropic support, the Library’s Fellowship program has supported more than 200 emerging and established Australian and international scholars since 1986, encouraging new and innovative research across a range of scholarly and creative disciplines. 

The 2022 Fellows will undertake a 12-week residency in Canberra, where they will have supported access to the extensive national collections, full office facilities including a designated workstation, and, for funded Fellowships, an honorarium, travel and accommodation support.  

At the end of their residency, Fellows will present their findings in free public lectures