Five works from Australian photographer Philip Gostelow's Portraits of Prominent Australians, 1998-2005 series have recently been added to the Library’s collection. 

Philip Gostelow is a Perth-based photographer who has exhibited nationally and internationally. His work is held in numerous cultural institutions including the National Gallery of Australia, Monash Art Gallery and the National Library of Australia.

The Portraits of Prominent Australians, 1998-2005 collection features photographs of Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson, Tetsuya Wakuda, Dr Alan Trounson, and Bruce Haigh, who have brought about social or political change in their respective fields of filmmaking, hospitality, in-vitro fertilisation and politics.

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An image of a man standing behind a metal structure in a lab, with his upperbody appearing in a circular cut out in the structure. In the background is another person holding a long piece of lab equipment inside a jar. The whole lab is bather in a blue glow.
Philip Gostelow, Dr Alan Trounson, Embryologist with Expertise in Stem Cell Research, and a Pioneer of Human In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, 1 May 2000, nla.obj-307637000

Dr Alan Trounson AO is an embryologist with expertise in stem cell research, and a pioneer of human in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) and founded the Australian Stem Cell Centre. He received his AO in 2021 for an ‘outstanding and meritorious contribution to Australian science’.

A woman and a man sitting in matching brown armchairs. In the background is  vase with yellow flowers in it, and a white shelf with some books on it.
Philip Gostelow, Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson, Husband and Wife Documentary Filmmaker Team, in their Home, Glebe, Sydney, 1 December 1998, nla.obj-3076369918

Bob Connolly and Robin Anderson are renowned Australian documentary filmmakers. They are best known for the extensively researched documentaries First Contact, Joe Leahy’s Neighbours and Black Harvest, which form the The Highlands Trilogy. These works combined have won more than 30 national and international awards. They have also produced many Australian focused documentaries including the Franklin River Journey in 1980. This film played a role in the river’s subsequent preservation.

A man in a blue shirt and white pants, standing with his arm crossed. He is standing against a wooden fence post, with the beginnings of rows of trees behind him.
Philip Gostelow, Political Commentator, Bruce Haigh at his Mudgee Farm, Mudgee, New South Wales, 17 April 2001, nla.obj-3076369994

Bruce Haigh is a retired diplomat, political commentator and author. He served in South Africa, where he assisted anti-apartheid activists, and Pakistan, where he was the first diplomat to make contact with Benazir Bhutto following her return from exile. He also served in Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan, where he took photographs of Russian armoured vehicles, radio installations and soldiers. He provides regular political analysis on international and domestic issues for radio and television, conferences and seminars. He writes opinion pieces for several newspapers and journals and is a Member of the International Refugee Law Judges Association.

A man in chefs whites, leaning forwards on a bench with his arms crossed.
Philip Gostelow, Japanese Born Australian Chef Tetsuya Wakunda at his Restaurant Tetsuya's at 529 Kent Street, Sydney, 5 January 2005, nla.obj-3076370159
A man in chef's whites in a commercial kitchen, plating up a dish. He is putting food from a frypan onto a plate. In the background there are 2 other chefs cooking food.
Philip Gostelow, Japanese Born Australian Chef Tetsuya Wakunda, in the Kitchen of his Restaurant Tetsuya's at 529 Kent Street, Sydney, 5 January 2005, nla.obj-3076370231

Tetsuya Wakuda OAM is a Japanese born Australian chef. He received his OAM in 2005 for ‘service to the community and the development of Australian cuisine as a chef, restaurateur and author, to vocational training, and to support for charitable groups’.