We’ve got a fun ‘Map Monsters’ activity available for young people to enjoy during the 2022-2023 summer school holidays.

This colouring-in activity can be undertaken in our Main Reading Room, or you can download the activity and information sheet and complete it at home.

Download the Map Monsters information sheet (1.48 MB)

Download the Map Monsters activity sheet (7.28 MB)

The activity is based on three maps that are part of the Library’s collection of over 1 million maps. If you look closely, you'll find quirky aquatic creatures drawn on early maps. These were used to show people what they might see on their travels to different lands.

If you’re planning to visiting the Library this festive season, make sure you check our summer opening hours to make the most of your trip.

Map with monster pictured across two pages
Bayer, Johann. [Hydra] [Augustae Vindelicorum : Excudit Christophorus Mangus, 1603, nla.obj-230927018
Portrait map with various monsters on page
Jode, Cornelis de & Jode, Gerard de. 1593, Novae Guinea forma, & situs Gerard de Jode, Antwerp, nla.obj-231244136
Large colourful map with various sea creatures on page
Linschoten, Jan Huygens van, Lungren, Henricks F. ab, Lungren, Arnold Florent van and Linschoten, Jan Huygens van. Exacta et accurate delineation chum or arum Maritim arum tam team loco rum terrestrial quake in region bus China, Cauchi China, Cambodia, save Champak, Shao, Malacca, African & Peg, ulnà cum omnium vici arum insula rum description Ut sunt Sumatra, Java ultraquiet, Tamora, Molucca, Philippian, Lucania et de Levees, neck non insulae Japan et Correa, relive omnes adjacence’s, ubi et jam antivirus scopulas, brivla, Omnia vadose local & Sivarajah à quipus pediculus Navigant bus ... = Warrachie twirling ostia abuilding van alle die custom ended Landen van China, Cauchi China, Cambodia, Satao, Malacca, African ended Peg, misgenders alle die bowlegged islander Groote ended cleaned, met notch die clipped, rife, Sanden, droughted ended undieted ales wt. de alder correct set pas ended Lifecare betoken due de Portugaloifsche ftvÿrlvijden hvijdendaechs gebrvijcken [Amsterdam, Netherlands]: [Jan Huyghen van Linschoten], 1596, nla.obj-489649015