Three photographic portraits of 2022-23 Australian Children's Laureate, Gabrielle Wang, have recently been added to the Library's collection.

Explore the portraits of Gabrielle Wang in Trove

A person leaning against a desk that has illustrations and drawing on it. There are also illustrations and artworks on the wall behind the desk.
Anna Zhu, Portrait of Gabrielle Wang, Melbourne, Victoria, 6 September 2022, nla.obj-3129101692

These portraits were taken by oral historian and photographer Anna Zhu, for the Library’s Australians with Chinese Heritage oral history project. Gabrielle was one among more than 90 people who had their whole-of-life oral histories recorded for this collection. Anna Zhu's portraits give visual insights into parts of Gabrielle’s personality, work and life, such as her studio space, some of her imaginative illustrations, and her impressive fashion sense.

A person standing in the middle of a room. Behind them is a desk covered in illustrations. There are also illustrations on the wall behind the desk. Next to the person is a banner showing a dragon holding a book. The text on the banner reads 'Imagine a story'.
Anna Zhu, Portrait of Gabrielle Wang, Melbourne, Victoria, 6 September 2022, nla.obj-3129101793

Gabrielle Wang is based in Naarm / Melbourne, where she was born. Her mother’s side of the family traces their Australian history back to 1853 when Gabrielle’s great grandfather, then aged 18, came from China to work in Victoria’s goldfields. More recently, her father came to Australia from Shanghai. Gabrielle herself has had a decades-long career creating acclaimed books for children and young adults. She is the 2022-2023 Australian Children’s Laureate, a role that promotes the power of story to enrich the lives of young Australians.

A person sitting in a chair with their arm resting on the chair's arm. Behind them is a banner with the image of a dragon and three children on it. In the background is a desk and wall covered with illustrations and artworks.
Anna Zhu, Portrait of Gabrielle Wang, Melbourne, Victoria, 6 September 2022, nla.obj-3129101874

If you’re a fan of Gabrielle Wang (or you’re fast becoming one), the Library’s catalogue holds plenty of related material. You can request Gabrielle Wang’s books in print and ebook to read in the Main Reading Room. You can also visit the Australian Web Archive to see how her website has changed since we first captured it in 2011. Just by searching one name like hers, you can find so many fascinating paths into both the Library’s collections and Australia’s diverse stories.