In 2022, Australian writer, academic and gay rights campaigner Dennis Altman was interviewed by Robert Reynolds for the National Library's Oral History collection, 31 years after his first oral history interview with Jill Matthews.

In this new oral history interview, Dennis reflects on the earlier interview, as well as talking about changes in queer politics since the 1990s, his changing view on the marriage equality debate and his work as Patron of the Pride Foundation. In discussing the current issues facing queer people in countries around the world, Dennis comments

I think that what is happening is that queer rights have been put on the global agenda … I am hoping that holding WorldPride in Sydney next year will mean there will be more intelligent discussion of this going on in Australia.

Listen to Dennis Altman interviewed by Robert Reynolds

A black and white image of a man in glasses and a dark jumper, leaning against a fence. In the background is a street with a car parked on it.
Greg Weight, Professor Dennis Altman, 1972, nla.obj-138086722

Dennis is the author of numerous books on homosexuality, HIV/AIDS and politics, including the 1972 book Homosexual: Oppression & Liberation which has been described as the first serious analysis to emerge from the gay liberation movement. He is a Vice Chancellor's Fellow and Professorial Fellow in the Institute for Human Security at LaTrobe University in Melbourne.

In 2008, Dennis was awarded the Member of the Order of Australia for service to education as an academic, social and political commentator, to the community through raising awareness of human rights issues, and as a contributor to the development of HIV/AIDS policy. He is Patron of the Australian Queer Archives and the Pride Foundation, and will be speaking at the 2023 Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference.

A black and white image of a group of mean demonstrating. The man front and centre is holding a microphone to his mouth, while the man to the right is holding a megaphone speaker up in the air. There are placards and flags in the air in the background.
William Yang, Dennis Altman and Craig Johnston, Gay Demonstration, Macquarie Street, Sydney, 1981, nla.obj-136863821