Dr Andrew Levidis delivers an engaging presentation on the shaping of right-wing and socialist politics in Cold War East Asia.

Dr Levidis’s research examines the role Japanese nationalists and socialists played in the global Cold War beyond the binaries of superpower conflict and national experience of decolonisation. The presentation explores the transitional network of bureaucrats, soldiers and propagandists who served the Japanese and Manchukuo empires. 

Dr Andrew Levidis is the Library's 2021 Fellow in Japan Studies, supported by the Harold S. Williams Trust. Levidis is a Research Associate Fellow in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Cambridge. He is also a member of the project 'Charting the Geography of Power: Visualizing the Shifting Landscape from Imperial to Postwar East Asia through War Crimes Trials' and co-editor of In the Ruins of the Japanese Empire: Imperial Violence, State Destruction, and the Reordering of Modern East Asia (Hong Kong University Press, 2020).