What’s nearly two metres long, with orange stripes and was hurled out of the Graf Zeppelin? If you don’t know now , you will after this video!

Join aviation fan Stuart as he dives into the E.A. Crome Collection, a fascinating formed collection documenting the early years of aviation, with a focus on Australia’s aeronautical pioneers. This collection has been extensively digitised and can be accessed for free, and Stuart is going to show you how to find it.

Highlights of the collection include photographs of the first pilot to get their wings in Australia, handwritten notes scrawled by daring pilots and crew in dire circumstances miles above the ocean, and physical artefacts that tell the story of early aviation exploits.


00:00 - Introduction

01:28 - Ernest Alfred Crome
03:09 - The E.A Crome Collection
04:41 - Locating the E.A. Crome Collection in the National Library catalogue
05:14 - Photographic items
07:17 - Manuscript material
09:47 - Aero-philately collection
11:21 - Objects - "Southern Cross Trans-Tasman Flight"
13:56 - The E.A. Crome Aviation Project
14:48 - Conclusion

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All photographic material taken from the E.A Crome Collection of Photographs on Aviation

All manuscript material taken from the Papers of Ernest and Virtie Crome, 1784-2005

Oral history recording excerpt taken from Ernest A. Crome Talks about His Aviation Collection