What are you reading? Book Recommendations from National Library Staff

Viewers, my name's Shannon and I work in family history. Today I'm reading the Librarian's Secret Scandal.

Many years ago Lily Masterson was Honeycreek's bad girl and no one believes she's changed except handsome sheriff Wes Colton. Wes is convinced that Lily's got the short end of the stick. Gossipers be damned she's got that type of earthy beauty that keeps you up at night. When threats become more sinister it's a last straw you won't rest until she's safe.

Hi my name is Georgia. I work in Communications and Marketing here at the National Library and at the moment I'm reading Helen Garner's Diaries.

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm a Reference Librarian. I've recently been reading a classic murder mystery novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

It's a story about 10 strangers gathered together on an isolated island and one of them may or may not be a killer. Scary stuff.

Hi, my name's Jess Drake and I'm the project lead for the Treasured Voices Monash Digitization Project. My favorite genre to read is fantasy fiction and I'm currently reading Harpy's Flight by Megan Lindholm who also writes as Robin Hobb.

Hello everyone, my name is Emily Witt and I work as a Reference Librarian in the Pictures and Manuscripts section at the National Library.

Currently I am reading Four Dead Queens by Astrid Schulz who's an Australian young adult fantasy author. This book has a murder mystery, it's got romance and intrigue and adventure and I'm having a really great time flying through it at the moment.

Hi, my name's Stephanie and I'm a Social Media Coordinator at the National Library of Australia. At the moment I'm reading Ginger Gorman's Troll Hunting.

It's an absolute must-read for anyone working online. Ginger actually speaks to some online trolls and she tells some really heartbreaking stories of online trolling victims.

Hello, my name is Hilary Berthon nd I'm in the Collaboration Branch's Strategy and Transformation team.

The book that I'm reading at the moment which I highly recommend is called The Watermill and it's by Australian author Arnold Zable. The story is about human resilience and perhaps above all the connection of people across generations, across continents and in their shared humanity.

I'm Andrew Sergeant and I'm a Reference Librarian in Reader Services. I'm currently reading Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 which is a dystopian novel set in the future when books are banned and the central character is a fireman whose job is to go and burn down houses that contain books. Probably not the sort of thing that a Librarian should really be reading.

Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm a Reference Librarian. My daughter and I are currently reading Deltora Quest 2 by Emily Rodda which is the pseudonym for Australian author Jennifer Rowe.

It's the second set of the series after the the first eight which she loved and it's not quite as scary as it seems.

Nothing says Friday like some fun book recommendations from National Library staff. From fantasy to biography, to classics and even a bit of young adult, our staff recommendations are sure to transport you to another world, teach you something new or just give you a giggle. 

What will you be reading this weekend?