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Registrations for this event have now closed. Please contact events@socialsciences.org.au with any questions.

Explore critical issues surrounding our current and future digital world at the 2023 Annual Academy of Social Sciences Symposium, Digital Society: Social science perspectives for a better future.

Speakers at this event include:

  • Professor Joy Damousi AM FASSA FAHA, Director, Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at Australian Catholic University
  • Professor Nicole Gillespie FASSA, Professor of Management at University of Queensland
  • Professor Lisa Given FASSA, Director, Social Change Enabling Impact Platform and Professor of Information Sciences at RMIT University
  • Emeritus Professor Bob Holton FASSA, Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Trinity College, Dublin
  • Professor Heather Horst, Director, Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University
  • Professor Dirk Hovorka, Professor in Business Information Systems at University of Sydney
  • Professor Eva Kyndt, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Associate Professor Carmen Leong, UNSW Business School
  • Peter Lewis, Executive Director at Essential Media
  • Professor Sharon Parker FASSA ARC, Laureate Fellow and John Curtin Distinguished Professor at Curtin University
  • Professor Sarah Pink FASSA, Monash University
  • Professor Minna Ruckenstein, Professor, Consumer Society Research Centre at the University of Helsinki
  • Professor Yolande Strengers, Professor of Digital Technology and Society at Monash University
  • Professor Juliana Sutanto, Professor in Information Systems at Monash University
  • Professor Toby Walsh FAA, Chief Scientist at the AI Institute, UNSW

Engage with experts from diverse social science fields as we explore lessons learned from past experiences with technology and AI and apply these to today’s rapidly changing landscape. Dive into conversations on digital inclusion, accessibility, equity, and the risks associated with the transition to a global digital society. Join us to consider the future opportunities, challenges, and risks that arise as human and digital society become more integrated. This symposium will tackle the pivotal policy and social questions that demand our attention as we navigate the path forward.

Be a part of shaping a better future by joining us at this thought-provoking event. This is a must-attend event for anyone wanting to understand and shape the digital landscape of tomorrow. Whether you’re an academic, researcher, policymaker, industry professional or work at the intersection of technology and society, this symposium offers a unique platform to delve into critical issues surrounding our evolving digital world.

This event is presented in association with the Academy of the Social Sciences Australia.

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