Thee stacks of beard games next to each other. The left hand stack is a stack of thee 'Pass the Party Food' games. The middle stack is a stack of four 'Busy Beaks' games. The right hand stack is a stack of 2 'Scribbly Gum' games.

Celebrate the launch of a new board game from Joey Games at the National Library!

Drop in for a family friendly afternoon tea, meet board game designer Phil Walker-Harding, and try the brand-new game Scribbly Gum.

Play tables will be set up for families to try the game and you can also grab your own signed copy of the game from the NLA Bookshop.

Entry is free to this event but bookings are essential.

About Joey Games

Joey Games want to share their love for people and the planet through playing games. 

They believe play is an essential part of living a healthy, balanced and restful life, and it can create meaningful connections between kids and adults as they play together. 

The games celebrate the peoples, plants and animals of Australia and foster an understanding and care for them. 

About Phil Walker-Harding

Phil Walker-Harding has been designing approachable board and card games for fifteen years and is best known for Sushi Go!, Imhotep and Bärenpark. He has worked with international brands like Ravensburger, Bluey and Tetris.

In 2022, Phil and his wife Meredith launched their own board game publishing company, Joey Games. They make board games about Australia for kids and adults to play together. 

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