Bring the Library to your lounge room with the Grit & Gold virtual tour!

Press 'Play' to start exploring. If you need assistance, instructions for navigating the tour can be found below.

To navigate the tour, press the 'Play' button in the centre of the screen and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard, click or drag your mouse, or click on the white circles on the Gallery floor to move around the Gallery.

Clicking on the orange icons will bring up information about the exhibition and the themes explored.

Clicking on the grey icons near each item brings up the item captions and background information about an item.

Clicking the purple and green icons on the exhibited items will bring up an image of the item and a link to the digitised version on Trove, where available.

Clicking on the yellow icons will bring up a link for a webpage to find more information related to an item.

Clicking on the blue icons will bring up our labels for kids.

Clicking on the red icon in the final room of the exhibition will bring up information on the Grit & Gold book.

If you need further assistance, more information can be found by clicking the 'Help' button in the bottom right-hand corner of the virtual tour screen.

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Grit & Gold: Tales from a Sporting Nation is showing at the National Library of Australia from Friday 9 June to Sunday 5 November 2023.

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