15 years on from the Sydney Olympics

In September 2000, Australia hosted its second Olympic games, this time in Sydney. This Olympics was different from previous as it coincided with the rise and rise of the World Wide Web (the web). The web had been growing in importance in the lead up to 2000 but, as noted in a previous blog post by Paul Koerbin, little trace of these early Olympic websites can be found.

Preserving the very recent

I was introduced to the world of digital preservation when I was a youngster. Sitting in my high school IT class, there was a video we were asked to watch which told the history of computing. It had all sorts of wonderful information about the early days—the 1940s—when small furry creatures got into the computer hard drives and were coined computer bugs. 

The Australian Government Web Archive

In March 2014 the National Library of Australia made public a new web archiving service called the Australian Government Web Archive or, more succinctly, the AGWA. While the release of this service was made without great fanfare at the time, over the past year a considerable amount of new content, including retrospectively collected content, has been added, greatly enhancing the substance and value of the Archive.

Our digital present

During my recent three week internship at the National Library of Australia, digital collecting was the topic on everybody's lips. The Library was making a significant push to prepare for the collection of digital content. The most prominent initiative involved equipping employees with the practical skills needed to utilise digital content and mediums through a series of seminars.

2013 Federal Election web collecting

Looking back on the 2013 Federal election we can see the trends of collecting an online election campaign. Political parties, organisations and the community are using the online sphere increasingly to start a political conversation.

The 2013 election material is in six main collections: upper and lower house candidate sites, political parties, electoral studies sites (psephologists etc), media (social and mainstream), interest and lobby groups sites and a final collection on the WA senate re-election. I’ve linked below to all these collections.

To know, to utter, to argue ... and to archive and access

In my previous blog post I reflected upon web archiving as an ‘antidote to present shock’. In part, that post was inspired by an awareness that PANDORA web archive content was increasingly being cited (linked to) on social media, often for overt political purpose.


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