The following website collections have been archived by the National Library of Australia using the Archive-It service managed by the Internet Archive.

For suggestions on other sites of significance to archive that are not included in these collections, please contact our Curatorial team.

Japan: Social movements after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants crisis, March 11, 2011

Websites, blogs and images of social movements following the crisis of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants in northern Japan on March 11, 2011.  The archiving was started in Dec 2011 and stopped in August 2014.

Japan: Future for Fukushima

Websites and blogs of various initiatives to change the ways of life for better in Fukushima Prefecture, after being hit by the 2011 nuclear power disaster incidents and its aftermath.

Japan: Debates about Japan's security bills

Websites and blogs of people and groups who work together to stop Japanese government establishing legislations to send soldiers to wars.

Japan : Nationalism in Okinawa

Websites on contemporary issues of Okinawa. Starting 2013.

Japan: Conservative movements

Websites and blogs of some newly appearing influencial online voices, affecting public opinions. The archive started in May 2013.

Japan: political parties (2012-

Websites of existing political parties of the time, starting in Dec 2012.

Japan: Lower house election Dec 2014

Websites and social media sites on Japanese political parties and party leaders for the period just before Dec 2014 House of Representative election.

Japan: LGBTQ : Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer

Websites on LGBTQ and their communities in Japan. The archvie started in May 2014.

Japan: NPOs and NGOs: Social service activities (2012-)

Websites, blogs and images of NGOs and NPOs which support people who have less in the society and often they help those people help themselves. The archvie started in August 2014.

Japan: Wars, legacies and neighbouring countries

Websites on historical and contemporary issues on Japan and neighbouring countries on reparation and compensation for the damages suffered during the recent wars.