The National Library of Australia maintains a small but significant collection of Lao language materials; the collection consists of publications mainly from Lao, some from the Lao- Australian community in Australia and overseas publications.

The collection is steadily growing, especially in the fields of the social sciences, development studies, statistics and law. Most materials are purchased through our Lao vendor, such as: materials published by government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs) and commercial publishers. In recent years, a substantial number of popular commercial magazines, children and award winning literature have been added to our collection. The Library also holds some rare and significant Lao language publications published before 1975 (the Royal Lao Government era: 1949-1974).

The Library has established an Acquisition Program within the Australian Embassy to assist acquisition of publications in Lao (Lao Acquisition Program or LAP). The major LAP partner is the National Library of Lao, who assist us to collect Lao language and English (Vientiane Times) through this program.

Additionally, the Library has worked in partnership with the Internet Archive to select, collect and archive websites of selected Lao NGOs and government agencies.

The Library’s main collection also contains a variety of Lao related publications in English and French, and these are searchable via the Library online catalogue.