This resource has been developed to support the Australian Curriculum: History Depth Study ‘The Asia–Pacific world’ for Year 8 students. It has specific reference to four content descriptions in The Angkor/Khmer Empire (c.802 – c.1431):

  • The way of life in the Khmer Empire, including, social, cultural, economic and political features (including the role of the king) (ACDSEH011)

  • Reasons for Angkor’s rise to prominence, including wealth from trade and agriculture (ACDSEH060)

  • Cultural achievements of the Khmer civilisation, including its system of water management and the building of the temples of Angkor (ACDSEH061)

  • Theories of the decline of Angkor, such as the overuse of water resources, neglect of public works as a result of ongoing war, and the effects of climate change (ACDSEH062)