This resource has been developed with reference to four History content descriptions for Year 9 students in the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences – ‘The making of the modern world’. It is aimed specifically at those teachers and students undertaking the depth study on ‘Asia and the world’.

Key features (social, cultural, economic, political) of ONE Asian society at the start of this period (ACDSEH093)

Change and continuity in the Asian society during this period, including any effects of contact (intended and unintended) with European power(s) (ACDSEH094)

The position of the Asian society in relation to other nations in the world around the turn of the twentieth century (that is 1900), including the influence of key ideas such as nationalism (ACDSEH142)

The significance of ONE key event that involved the Asian society and European power(s), including different perspectives of the event at the time (ACDSEH141)

The resource also has relevance to the General Capabilities of Intercultural Understanding, Asia and Australia’s Engagement with Asia, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Personal and Social Capability.