The National Library has a large collection of contemporary resources about weather and climate. There is also a wide range of reputable sources about weather and climate available online. You will find a selection of these resources below.

Print resources

The National Library’s reference collection is available in the Main Reading Room. It contains a range of encyclopaedias and general reference material about weather and climate, including the Encyclopaedia of World Climatology and The Encyclopaedia of Weather and Climate Change: A Complete Visual Guide.

The National Library’s print collection also includes a range of other material about weather and climate including books that offer a general explanation about the science of weather and climate like Understanding the Earth System and the Physics of the Atmosphere and Climate. Other material in the collection focuses more closely on the climate of Australia and its region such as The Australian Weather Book: Understanding our Climate and How it Affects usThe Weather and Climate of Australia and New Zealand, A Change in the Weather: Climate and Culture in Australia and Australian Climate Law in Global Context.

For advice on how to access these materials, see Searching for weather and climate.

Non-print resources

The National Library’s collection contains material about weather and climate in a diverse range of formats, including special collections like oral histories, pictures and ephemera. For example, the Water and Shifting Cultural Values oral history project, photographs from the School Strike 4 Climate rally in Melbourne on the 21st May 2021, a variety of music compositions for and about climate and weather maps.

For advice on how to access these materials, see Searching for weather and climate.

Online resources

There are many reputable weather and climate resources available online.

Members of the Pacific Climate Warriors prepare to launch canoes into the Port of Newcastle.
Dean Sewell, n.d., The Pacific Climate Warriors in Canoes Blockading Coal Ships at the Port of Newcastle, Newcastle Harbour, New South Wales, 17 October 2014.