Curious about the history of your house?

You can use books, journals and photographs to identify architectural features to date a house. You can even trace past occupants and the development of the surrounding area over time, using maps, directories and electoral rolls. By exploring the Library's collection and working through examples, this webinar will show you how to trace the history of your house.

00:00 - Title
00:07 - Introduction
02:13 - Observing your house's physical characteristics
03:40 - Colonial style
04:46 - Victorian style
05:49 - Federation style
07:12 - California Bungalow style
08:29 - Art Deco style
09:26 - Post-War style
11:23 - Modern style
12:30 - Queenslander style
13:51 - Finding resources about Australian house styles
18:02 - Finding images of houses in the National Library of Australia's catalogue
21:26 - Finding information about the history of a town
28:06 - Finding information about people who lived in a house
33:19 - Finding information in post office directories
37:37 - Finding maps
39:15 - Using maps: case study
41:50 - Finding information in newspapers
47:55 - Conclusion

Resources that can help you with your research:

Resources used in the video:

National Library of Australia resources:

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