From the Albums of Bertha Mary Williams, 1903-1920

Do you have a poem that moves you or brings you joy? Join us for an informal, online Friends Member-generated poetry evening where you can contribute, enjoy, discover and discuss other members’ favourite poems. 

If you’d like to share your poem on the night, we will have 5 sessions available to the first 5 responders, with 10 minutes available to introduce and read your poem. There will be discussion time available after the readings. As we have members of all ages, please ensure your poem contains no expletives or explicit content. Please email to submit your poem.

Bring your own happy-hour beverage, log in to your Zoom account and join your Friends community for this informal and social event. A zoom link will be sent you you the day before the event.

This event is for Friends Members only. Would you like to become a member? Join now.

Image: from the Albums of Bertha Mary Williams, 1903-1920

Type Special event