Using This Resource

This resource is aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Design and Technologies standards for Year 5 and 6. It adopts an inquiry learning approach that develops students' skills and give them an opportunity to critically examine technologies - materials, systems, components, tools, and equipment - that are used regularly in the home and in local, national, regional or global communities, with consideration of social ethics, and social and environmental sustainability factors. Students consider why and for whom technologies were developed.

This resource also aligns with sections of the Australian Curriculum: HASS - Economics and Business standards for Year 5 and 6 students.

The Wolfgang Sievers Collection

Wolfgang Georg Sievers (1913–2007) was a well-known modernist photographer who documented Australian industry and architecture for almost 60 years. The National Library of Australia’s Wolfgang Sievers Collection consists of about 19,000 prints and 52,000 negatives and transparencies. It is not only the largest archive of Sievers’ work collected anywhere, but also the largest photographic collection held in the Library. The Library bought several instalments of photographs from Sievers between 1996 and 2001. In March 2002, the Library purchased his entire photographic archive, which was transferred to it by 2003.