• Have the students research the history of photography. Ask students to research a camera from any period in the history of photography and describe the mechanics of how it works. Use images and diagrams to show working parts.
  • Have students discuss the role of photography as a way to document history and change. How does it differ from painting or writing things down? Is it a reliable way to document the past? What might we need to consider when taking information from photographs?
  • Ask students to think about machines or technology they interact with daily. What do they do? How do they help their daily lives? Have students consider how people did these things before the machines or technology were invented. How has the use of these technologies or machines impacted our lives?
  • Have students create a diagram that shows the interconnectedness of a workforce. Have them consider how a production chain would be staffed. Who runs the business? How are products made? How are the staff managed? Are machines involved in the production chain? Do the machines need people to manage them? As inspiration, have them consider the interconnectedness of their school. How are roles and jobs divided among the people at the school?