• Costume design activity. Have the students listen to this oral history recording from Kristian Fredrikson (1940–2005): Timestamp: 00:00-03:37
    • Have the students discuss and explore costume styles from different parts of the world.
    • Taking some ideas from Kristian’s recording, have the children design their own costume for a dancer.



  • As a class, read a book (or continue a book the class is already reading) and then have students, working in groups, re-imagine a chapter of the book as a theatrical production. Have them write a script with action directions and character lines. Get them to think about how they can use their bodies to convey emotions and represent abstract or physically improbable ideas or scenarios.


  • Have students create a short piece of music based on their favourite item or toy. Print out a blank music score available online. Encourage the students to think about the tone and feeling of the piece. For simplicity keep within one octave and monophony. As an extension have students attempt polyphony. This may be easier with a keyboard or piano, there are also many apps that simulate a keyboard instrument.