These activities encourage students to personalise their learning about Federation and the contribution to society of key Australian identities.

Create a country

Students have now learnt about the process of creating a constitution and the changes it brought to Australians across all colonies. Invite students to create a country of their own. They should give their country a name, a form of governance and significant infrastructure. They should also make a map of their country. Ask students to detail as much as possible about the culture of their country and to nominate some key personalities such as those who have contributed to its arts and sporting cultures and to its history.

A life well lived

Introduce students to the Australian Dictionary of Biography website. Ask them to explore the biographies of some of the people introduced in this resource such as Sir Edmund Barton, Sarah (Fanny) Durack and Henry Lawson. Then ask students to consider the life that they themselves wish to lead and ask them to write their own biography, in the third person, up to the age of 85 years. Ask students to be specific about their contribution to Australian society, their trials and tribulations, and their travels.