This resource has been developed with specific reference to the four History content descriptions for Year 6 students in the Australian Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Key figures, events and ideas that led to Australia’s Federation and Constitution (ACHASSK134)
  • Experiences of Australian democracy and citizenship, including the status and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, migrants, women, and children (ACHASSK135)
  • Stories of groups of people who migrated to Australia (including from ONE country of the Asia region) and reasons they migrated (ACHASSK136)
  • The contribution of individuals and groups to the development of Australian society since Federation (ACHASSK137)

The resource also has relevance to the Civics and Citizenship strand, the English learning area and to the General Capabilities of Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, Intercultural Understanding, and Personal and Social Capability.