This resource has been developed to support the Australian Curriculum: History Depth Study ‘The Asia–Pacific world’ for Year 8 students. It has specific reference to the four content descriptions regarding The Polynesian expansion across the Pacific (c.700 – 1756):

  • Theories about the origin and spread of Polynesian settlers throughout the Pacific (ACDSEH013 - Scootle )

  • The way of life in ONE Polynesian society, including social, cultural, economic and political features, such as the role of the ariki in Maori and in Rapa Nui society (Easter Island) (ACDSEH066 - Scootle )

  • Cultural achievements of ONE Polynesian society, such as the Ta moko and hangi in Maori society OR the moai constructed on Easter Island (ACDSEH067 - Scootle )

  • The way Polynesian societies used environmental resources (sustainably and unsustainably), including the extinction of the moa in New Zealand, the use of religious/supernatural threats to conserve resources, and the exploitation of Easter Island’s palm trees (ACDSEH068 - Scootle )