A watercolour image of two canoes and two types of oars/paddles
Expansion across the Polynesian Triangle
A colourful watercolour showing the coast and mountains of Tahiti. The whole scene is rendered in pastel pinks, greens and blues. In the foreground a grassy shoreline is dotted with palm trees. a bay or inlet seperates the island with the jagged mountains int he background. water craft are dispersed around the water.
The First Polynesians and their Environments: Adaptability, innovations and horticulture
Two men are gathered under the shelter of a thatched roof structure. On top of the structure, offerings of meat and fish are strewn. In the foreground there are twelve signs or totems sticking out of the ground. To the left of the structure is a larger thatched roofed hut. The compound is surrounded by vegetation
Religious and social significance of marae in Polynesian chiefdoms