Ordinances of Fiji

If you wish to submit an enquiry to the Library for a copy or copies of emigration passes but do not know such information as the date or the name of the ship on which your relatives arrived, it is recommended that you first obtain copies of any / all registered civil events concerning your relatives in Fiji.

Some Fijian birth certificates of children born to Indian immigrant parents are known to state the name of the ship of each parent.

Although not explicitly required to be stated in the ‘First Schedule, Form No. 1. (Section 11.) Register of Births, of the Ordinance for the Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (No. 2 of 1892)’, the provision of the name of the ship on which the immigrant Indian parent arrived may have been a recognized substitution for other information stated to be required in the Schedule, ie: father’s name and surname, rank or profession, age and birthplace, when and where married, previous issue living and deceased, as well as mother’s name and maiden surname, age and birthplace.

According to the ‘Marriage Ordinance 1918, Schedule F.—(Section 4.) Certificate of Marriage of Indian Immigrants Introduced into the Colony’, the details required to be provided were their

  • Name
  • Age
  • Registered No.
  • Father's Name
  • Name of Ship
  • Ship’s No.
  • Place where married, and
  • Name of employer and estate to which indentured

See Ordinances of the Colony of Fiji Volume 2 1911-1924 p901+ only

Marriage Ordinance 2 of 1918 p1406 Schedule F

Marriage Ordinance 2 of 1918 p1406 Schedule F contained in the Ordinances of the Colony of Fiji Volume 2 1911-1924

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To obtain copies of Fijian birth, death and marriage certificates please contact the:

Births Deaths & Marriages Registry
Ministry of Justice
Ground Level Suvavou House
Victoria Parade


Indexes to the Indian Immigration records are provided online by the National Archives of Fiji.

The indexes are provided as individual downloadable PDF files and are arranged in alphabetical order by the immigrant's name, and are currently (as at September 2021) available up to and including names beginning with 'M'. 

The indexes of emigration passes for names beginning A through M are fully searchable/sortable on Girmit.org